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No electricity, filter papers or capsules. These are just some genuine details of the most beloved coffee maker in Brazil and in the world, Aram Espresso Maker.

It all started in 2016, but the idea of building coffee products with the user experience in mind and without using electricity was already on the agenda six years before that, when Maycon Aram was still studying Product Design.

The idea comes from a nuisance: today, when a product breaks down, it is cheaper to buy another one than to repair it and by reflecting on it, it was possible to understand that the problem was not only that.

The entire production and commercialization chain is drastically affected by this crazy consumption style, where each season the same products get a new painting, with the same body and are sold as the latest innovation in the market.

Maycon is a master craftsman specialized in design for manufacturing, awarded with some of the main product design awards in the country and abroad.

This consumption style that is imposed does not respect the ecosystem, much less the people involved in the production chain. The Aram coffee maker is a small counterpart to this system.

The first prototype of the machine still involved a system with resistance and energy, but the barriers to production and certification for sale were so raised that they made the project go back to its origin without using electricity.

When the final, energy-free prototype was ready, what was really missing was money to launch that idea to the world!

For Aram to be a unique product and provide a new experience for each preparation, a lot of study was needed.

After thinking hard about how that dream could come true, Aram decided to talk with more people involved in the world of coffee to analyze the viability of that “utopian” creation.

All the conversations led to a solution: why not fund this? And all attention was focused on collective financing, Catarse.

The expectation was to raise only R$ 35 thousand for the first batch of manufacture, but the result was much greater than expected: More than R$ 35 thousand were collected in the first hours. At the end of the campaign, R$ 253 thousand was totaled, and then that whole idea had come true!

Aram has the knowledge and partnership of more than 20 local suppliers, also artisans who bring this passion and preciousness in every detail of the coffee maker

It was thinking of offering something better for everyone, from the people who manufacture it to the people who consume, with a well-prepared product that would pass from generation to generation, stimulating tradition and conscious consumption, that the coffee maker is produced with this preciousness: By local producers, who have involvement and dedication for the product and with all the details designed to extract the best from coffee: taste, experience and ecological awareness.

The method used at Aram allows you to customize all the stages of the process to your taste: from a true intense espresso to a smoother strain. Achieving results equal to those of professional coffee makers. You just need good ground coffee, hot water and the perfect time and place to enjoy your drink.

Developed by a family of artisans and engineers on the outskirts of the capital of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil it is located the small studio of Aram, amidst a nature of splendid green and a blue sky. That’s when it’s sunny, of course.

Aram today is a reference in more than 15 countries worldwide

The project won the hearts of Brazilians and made headlines in the main newspapers and magazines in Brazil, such as Exame, Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios, Nexo, Gazeta do Povo, Revista Espresso, TecMundo, Casa Vogue and several others.

It was also featured in international magazines such as Sprudge, Daily Coffee News, Oceans Magazine, The Coffee Hot Spot and My Recipes.

The Aram Coffee Maker is the first Brazilian espresso method and unlike conventional coffee makers, it does not require energy, the use of capsules or a paper filter.

It is common for people to be impressed during the preparation and wish to film and photograph the beautiful cream that slowly appears and falls into the glass

Maycon Aram exhibiting at the World of Coffee fair, which took place in Capital Berlin, in 2019.

One of the inventions that permeates the third wave of coffee and that enchants drink lovers has been successful in the largest coffee fairs around the world such as the World Conference and Exhibition of Special Cafes in Japan “SCAJ”, one of the largest specialty coffee events in the world, Asia; The World of Coffee – the largest special coffee fair in the world – where we participated in the 2018 editions, in Seattle and in 2019, in Boston; in 2018 and 2019 at the Specialty Coffe EXPO “SCA”, which took place in Amsterdam and Berlin, respectively, and also from 2017 to 2019 at the International Coffee Week (SIC), which takes place in Brazil.

Specialty Coffe EXPO “SCA” 2018. Seattle, EUA.

Aram uses Japanese wabi sabi philosophy as one of its primary precepts of genuine simplicity and modesty, intimacy and the appreciation of the naive integrity of natural objects and processes. When you buy an Aram, you don’t buy a colorful machine: you buy a complete experience. Each wooden body bears various time marks imprinted naturally by the force of nature. Each drawing is unique and for each one a surprise. It is about accepting the nature of life as it is.

At Aram, every detail is unique and exclusive, no two are the same

Place it on the base to use on a bench or remove it from the base to take it wherever you want.

Find out more about the coffee maker that is capable of making the best coffee of your life! Click here.



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