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For Aram Espresso to be a unique product and to provide a new experience in each preparation, a lot of study was needed. When we're talking about coffee, innovation comes as a new discovered tone that comes to the mouth and brings a different feel to everything you've seen, drank and felt.
The "culprits" of our recent and very promising history are Maycon and Juca partners. It was from this meeting, at first glance, unlikely that the Aram Coffee Maker created wings and comes to the national market to win the hearts and palates of Brazilians.

Want proof? You can see how this team is tuned:


Maycon Aram
Also known as "Aram", - because of its creation - Maycon is a master craftsman specializing in design for manufacturing awarded with some of the top prizes focused on product design in the country and abroad, such as the IF Award, Design Award House Museum Brazilian Design Hall, IDEA Brazil and the Brazilian Packaging Award. Mineiro de Juiz de Fora, he never bothered to drink that common Brazilian coffee, mostly well diluted and with sugar. The passion for the real flavor of the drink was still in college for a utensils project. It was a unique initiative with potential and values ​​linked to sustainability and humanization. After four months of research, Maycon finished the Aram Coffee Maker project and she was born, full of life.


Juca Esmanhoto
Their stories come together from that moment on. Juca is today one of the most respected baristas in the country. From civil engineer to musician who changed his stable life to pursue his passion after having acted in the administration of a restaurant bar and direct contact with the daily preparation of coffees owns the coffee network curitibana Rause - Coffee + Wine. The site collects titles year after year, among them, the best cafeteria in Curitiba according to Veja Curitiba magazine in 2013 and 2014, Bom Gourmet Award 2013, 2014 and 2015, the largest gastronomy award in Paraná conducted by the newspaper Gazeta do Povo and present in the Top 20 of the Coffee Guide in Brazil since 2013.

The result of this mix of experiences is our desire to offer something better to everyone, from the people who manufacture to the people who consume, with a well-crafted product that goes from generation to generation, stimulating tradition and conscious consumption.

Today we count on the knowledge and partnership of eight other local suppliers, also artisans who bring this passion and preciosity in every detail of the coffee maker to extract the best of the coffee (aroma, flavor and experience), and accompany you for a long time anywhere that you are.

So, what are you waiting for to take a unique break in your day?

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